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Have fun with the water; luxury vinyl flooring has you covered

Lake Marble Falls is known for its drag boat races. You don’t want your living room to be known for the same thing. Yet, if the summertime heat causes the younger members of your household to be more extravagant with the use of water, you don’t want to worry whether they will ruin your floor. This makes luxury vinyl flooring a perfect choice for you.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles

Luxury vinyl comes in both planks (LVP for short) and tiles (LVT for short). The former is designed to mimic the look of hardwood and the latter to mimic the look of ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Yet, in either case, you will end up with an attractive floor at a reasonable price and the floor itself will be waterproof.

Can there really be a waterproof floor?

Waterproof luxury vinyl is truly a waterproof floor. No amount of water will cause this floor to break down. No amount of water will cause this material to fade or discolor. It will not lose its integrity no matter how much water to which it is exposed. It is indeed waterproof enough that you can join those younger members of your household for that bit of mischief if you like.

Come see all your luxury vinyl flooring options

We, at Mike's Floorcovering, believe that if we are going to offer you a product, we need to offer you as many options as we can make available. We carry both Nafco and Mannington luxury vinyl flooring. With luxury vinyl plank floors you can create any kind of wood look in your home that you desire. The planks are even textured to further enhance their appearance. With luxury vinyl tile floors, you can create the look of stones, bricks, ceramics, as well as other hard surfaces. We also carry several lines of commercial vinyl flooring for business applications but that will also serve you well in your workshop or garage.

Luxury vinyl is often called a “resilient floor” and they truly are. They are attractive but also quite durable. Add to that they are waterproof and come at a reasonable price, what is not to like? Why not come by our showroom in Marble Falls, TX, and see what we have to offer? Whether you live locally or in Burnet, Kingsland, Llano, or Horseshoe Bay (or anywhere in between), we are happy to serve you. Our knowledgeable sales staff will walk you through your options and our courteous installers will create a final floor that you will be proud to show off to your neighbors. We, at Mike's Floorcovering want to be your retailer for luxury vinyl flooring. Come check us out.