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If classic elegance is the goal, hardwood flooring is your choice

For generations, hardwood has been the flooring choice for families and entire cultures. It is rugged and can withstand a lifetime of wear and tear, yet it is also beautiful and carries with it a kind of elegance that will leave a lasting impression on those who see it. Whether you are putting flooring in a pub or a formal dining room, today’s hardwoods will meet and exceed your needs.

Classic beauty

Words can only begin to describe the selection and options in hardwood that we carry at Mike's Floorcovering; you have to come to our Marble Falls, TX showroom and see our hardwood floors for yourself. We carry traditional woods like oak and maple, but we also carry more exotic woods like the South American Hickory wood known as Kupay or the Brazilian Koa wood that is better known as “Tigerwood” due to its distinct striped grain pattern. Whatever the mood you are creating for your living area, you will be captivated by the options we have available.

Hand scraping and distressing

Whether you just want to add a little texture to your hardwood floors or you are trying to make them look as if they are already 100 years old, we have options for you. Older floors tend to have some wear patterns in them that give each floor its unique personality. Master craftsmen work each piece of wood to help bring out its grain and to give it that same kind of personality in your brand new floor.

Engineered and solid woods

Solid floors are the classic approach to a hardwood floor, but here in Texas, we need other options as we often are putting hardwoods over a concrete slab or in areas where the moisture might be a little higher. Enter engineered hardwood flooring. These floors have a layer of solid wood at the top, which is then mounted on a plywood base. The plywood base allows these floors to be placed over concrete slabs and handle moisture better and still they can be installed in the rest of your home as well.

We, at Mike's Floorcovering, are your hardwood flooring retailer in Marble Falls, TX. Whether you live in Horseshoe Bay, Burnet, Kingsland, Llano, or here in Marble Falls, we have a selection as big as our state and have a reputation of showing you the hospitality you deserve. Stop by our showroom for a visit and allow our knowledgeable sales staff to show you around.